About me


Once upon a time in Florida, there was a small funny boy that liked to scream at random people on the street about his opinions on video games and movies. Now that boy has grown into a man that likes to scream at random people on the internet about video games and movies.

Who is this smelly weirdo?

My name is Hunter McDuffie and I have been writing about various pieces of entertainment unofficially (as in posts on social media) for years. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to properly share my thoughts in a condensed and easily digestible form but since screeching into a dollar store mic didn’t work out I decided to make a website.

Why would you do this?

I’ve always thought discussing media in its various forms could be a form of entertainment in itself. My goal for this website is to properly look at various forms of art in a thorough, but engaging way. If you look at my early work on this site, which I’ll be keeping up for historical sake, I tried a bit too hard to sound professional and it came off as stiff and uninteresting. I like writing how I want to write and while that may not be the “correct” way to structure a review or thinkpiece, I find it to be much more engaging and I think it could be entertaining to the reader.

I like making people laugh and I hope I’m able to do that for you in any small capacity.

You aren’t funny.

Yeah well fuck you too asshole.

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