2019 Was Rough But At Least I’m Doing This (A Year In Review)

I still don’t know how where to put a semicolon and I am not going to look up a tutorial before writing this.

2019 was a very interesting year for me in terms of my personal life. I finally got a working car, I went out of town a bunch to visit people, I sat on the floor at a fighting game tournament because I was watching a friend drunkingly play Yu-Gi-Oh! for about an hour while screaming, I even bought the domain for this website. It’s been crazy.

One thing I did this year was that I wrote more review pieces on this website in 6 months than I did in all of 2018. This was the year I not only surpassed multiple milestones on this website but also gained the confidence to actually get things done. For almost the entire middle part of the year, I was struggling with a lot of persona anxieties when it came to posting here. I felt like I wasn’t getting my points across in a coherent way and that my grammar and general sentence structure was amateurish and made my reviews worse. It made me depressed and made me not want to engage with the things I enjoy. After moping for a while I decided to force myself to watch The Muppet Movie just to cheer myself up and that turned into one of my personal favorite viewing experiences I’ve had in forever and it reinvigorated my interest in writing. I still feel like my writing could be better and I’m going to strive and improve. I own a fucking thesaurus and there is no earthly reason why I should be saying “unbelievably” and “extremely” in almost every one of my reviews. I want to write things that are not only informative and representative of my feelings, but entertaining as well. I feel like on that front I’ve somewhat succeeded since I’ve stopped using a general review structure to dictate when and where I should write something. I just go with the flow now and have fun and while I guess it doesn’t make it look the most “professional” it certainly makes me more comfortable. I like writing without restrictions because you can interject so much more of your personality into your work.

No joke I HATE my 2018 reviews because they’re the literary equivalent of stale bread. I was trying way too hard to be a “by the numbers” critic and that made it hard for me to get excited about writing.

Another thing I’m happy about is that I learned how to make thumbnails that actually look decent and not just……

Fucking Dog Shit.

Learning photoshop and general image composition has helped me immensely and I’ve been having a blast making a lot of my thumbnails, even if I don’t end up using them for a review.

I wish I ended up writing about this movie because I love this thumbnail so much.

Overall (And that’s another thing I need to change. I need to stop fucking saying “Overall,”), I’m happy with 2019 and what it meant for me and the site but I think there are a bunch of ways I can improve. My plans for 2020 are to get reviews out MUCH faster, improve my grammar and general sentence structure, and maybe make the site look a little nicer because I know all of you can tell I’m using a template for this place.

Thank you all so much for visiting, sharing my reviews, or even just looking at my thumbnails. I really, truly, genuinely appreciate it and I hope I can make this place even better not just for you guys, but for myself as well.

Have a happy new year and let’s all look forward to 2020.

No but seriously what the fuck is a semicolon and where do you put it.

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